Here are the steps to necessary to reset your password in the Call Center Application:

1: From the home screen hover the mouse over the word login and then click on the “Forgot your password” link.

2:  Enter your username and click next (if you do not know your username please contact your systems administrator).

3.  You will now be prompted to answer the secret question that was made during your accounts creation and upon completion an email will be sent to you.

**** Note: For added security, the answer to this question is non-recoverable and if forgotten cannot be retrieved ****

4.  Access your email to retrieve the temporary password.  Because the passwords are extremely complex, we recommend highlighting it and copying it for later use.

5.  From the Call Center Application home screen you will now enter your username and paste the temporary password into the password field.

6.  Once successfully logged in, you will need to click on the “My Account” link in the top right hand corner.

7.  From the My Account screen, paste your temporary password in the box in section one.  In section two you will enter your new permanent password twice and then click the “Update My Account” Button.  (No information is required for section three)

Congratulations! Your password has now been successfully reset. Please log out and then back in to verify.