Forum Type What it is What's Special Where to Use This
Questions Question and answer type forum, where users can ask questions and get answers from the community. Other users can vote up questions saying "I Have this Question" Q&A Forums, Tips and Tricks and Discussions on work-arounds
 Ideas Users can share an idea and start a discussion around it, and the eRez support team can share progress on the idea. Other users can vote up ideas saying "I Like this Idea", and you can share progress on the idea tagging the topic as "Planned", "In Progress", "Deferred", "Implemented" or "Not Taken". Feature requests, product roadmap ideas and solutions 
 Problems Users can share a problem or bug and discuss it with the community. Other users can vote up the problem saying "I have this Problem". The problem can be marked as solved or unsolved. This can be updated when a fix is found. Issues and bug-report forums 
 Announcements eRez support team and or users can share general announcements and start a simple discussion on this Announcement forums do not have any voting options inside each topic.
Only agents can make an announcement.
Major product announcements, fixes and release notes