RazorRez Licensing Plans for calendar year 2020 are as follows;

If your licensing plan has expired, please contact renewals at fgary@razorrez.com or 702-575-3541

Important systems licensing information regarding Covid-19


***** Systems Licensing Plans *****

RazorRez Applications           Monthly Licensing Fee                         Included Monthly Technical Services Hours

Call Center                            $1,995 per System Company                  08 hours per System Company

Point Of Sales                        $ Included with Call Center Application  Included with Call Center Application

Api                                        $1,995 per server deployment               08 hours per server deployment

Bokun Api Plugin                    $   995 per server deployment               04 per server deployment

Application Licensing; Included Monthly Technical Services Hours Info & Support Policies can be found here.


***** RazorRez Application Licensing Disclaimers *****

1). Base Application Licensing costs requires credit card on file automatically billed on third of each renewal month.

2). Quarterly: (7.50%), Bi-Annual: (12.5%) or Annual: (20%) renewal prepayment discounts available.

3). RazorRez requires a 30-day written notice to cancel existing client license(s). Refunds are not provided on any

     unused licensing term(s).

4). Call Center pricing, (including Point Of Sales), based on maximum 20 user licenses per System Company.

5). RazorRez Systems Licensing subject to RazorRez End User License Agreement